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By Crusader1307

The Branch of The Goth Nation that settled into modern Ukraine in the 3rd Century A.D. - The Ostrogoths were led by the legendary King – Ermanarich. He created a vast Empire that went from The Baltic Sea to The Black Sea. Attacked and destroyed by The Huns in 372 A.D. - The Ostrogoths became a vassal State of them. With the death of Attila in 454, they rose up and overthrew their ex-Masters. They began to grow in size again and became a serious threat to The Eastern Roman Empire. The Eastern Roman Emperor, Zeno – helped his potential “enemies” launch invasions of Northern Italy and his enemy, King Odoacer. During the proposed truce, Theodoric murdered Odoacer. When The Ostogoths ally Theodoric (whom they quickly made their King after Ermanarich died), died himself – the Empire quickly fell apart. Constantly at odds with other Christian Kingdoms (The Ostrogoths were Arians), they were neither trusted not liked. The rise of Justinian I (Byzantine), was the last attempt to centralize the Ostrogoths. Sending the warriors back into Northern Italy in 534 A.D. - they were finally defeated in 561 A.D. Assimilated into Northern Italian and other Germanic Tribes, The Ostrogoth culture was quickly “paste tense”.