Order of The Sword

  • Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

The Order of The Sword was formed by Papal Authority in 1231 (although it's members had been petitioning Rome since 1226. They adopted the Rule for The Order of Santiago as their own. Mostly Noblemen were only allowed to join (with Commoners taking up support positions within The Order). They never participated in any Wars, but served as Peace Keepers and Law Enforcement for Gascony, Bayonne, Comminges and Lescar. They had Houses in each of these Regions. The Order had no real source of income, relying on monies and support from The Archbishop of Auch. The Order wore a Black mantle apron with their Red insignia. In 1238, The Order purchased a Hospital from The Order of Santiago (but they could not make it work effectively). The Order was disbanded in 1273 by Pope Gregory X.