Order of St. Michael of The Wing

  • Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

It's military history being somewhat obscured, The Order of St. Michael of The Wing (aka Ordem de Sao Miguel dia Ala), was found by King Alfonso I (Portugal), in 1147. Papal Authority was granted by Pope Alexander III in 1171 (some time later). The Order followed the Cistercian Rule. They wore a black mantle-apron with the Red Cross. While King Alfonso was fighting the Moors during the recapture of Santarem (1147), his army was greatly assisted by Knights of The Order of St. James. Because of their help, Santarem fell on the Feast Day of St. Michael The Archangel. Alfonso recruited these brave men and started The Order. They still retained their St. James Cross, but added a Sun (representing Portugal) and a Wing (representing St. Michael). The Order survived until 1732. It has been formed and disbanded many time over the centuries. In 1986, The Order was revived and is currently a religious philanthropic organization.