Old North Church

  • The American Revolution
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

Located in The Old North End of The City of Boston, Massachusetts, Old North Church occupies a unique position in early Colonial American History. While much of the collateral ''story'' of The Church is debated (still), it has served as a focal point in The American Revolutionary War against Great Britain (1775-1783).


Built in 1723, The Church is part of The Episcopal (Protestant) Diocese of Massachusetts. The landmark Steeple was originally 150-feet high and constructed on semi-reinforced brick and wood. A severe snow storm in 1954 toppled the then 125-year old structure. The current replacement is actually 175-feet in height. The Church features an exterior graveyard with graves belonging to several famous Colonial American personalities. Of note, British Army Major John Pitcarin (who lead the assault against American Forces at The Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775), was buried with many of his soldiers (likewise killed in battle) – in the Church basement crypt. Even Queen Elizabeth visited The Church in 1975. The Church also features it's Tower Bells, which were the first to be cast in America – in 1744. The Church also features a famous full equestrian state of Colonial Patriot Paul Revere – positioned in the front drive of the Church. In this our ''story'' begins.


Paul Revere and several associates, were part of The Boston Revolutionary Committee, The Sons of Liberty. Hostilities with Great Britain had reached their zenith, with a British invasion Force expected at any minute. The problem was by which approach The British Forces would take. Spies positioned throughout The City of Boston were aware that The Army could come by a Land route or a Sea approach (via Boston Harbor). Plans were set that should a Land approach be determined, word would be sent to The Sexton of The Church to set a single lantern in the Old North Church Steeple. Should a Sea landing be seen, two such Lanterns would be lit.


Revere and his associates (seeing the signal), would set about a perilous journey throughout The Massachusetts countryside, alerting as many Villages and Towns as possible. This would allow them to begin to deploy their Militias or at best prepare ''for battle''. Since then, Old North Church has been a focal point for thousands of Visitors from all over The United States and The World to view where many feel, the ''birthplace'' of The Revolution began.