North Korean ''Sinpo''-Class BM Submarine

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By Crusader1307

Much of The North Korean (or ''KPN'') is shrouded in mystery and speculation – due to the many embargoes leveled against The ''Hermit Kingdom'' (most due to it's violation of Human Rights within it's Borders). The Country is seen by most of The International Community as a ''dangerous Nuclear Nation'' – bent on the destruction of it's neighbor South Korea and The United States. It's Naval Assets are known to be rather primitive and would not fare well in a ''deep water engagement'' with any adversaries. Mostly seen as a Coastal Waters Defense Force, The KPN does operate a Fleet of Warships and Submarines. One Class is known as The ''Sinpo'' designation. It is speculated that as many as (3) may exist, with only (1) being repeatedly photographed by adversaries when on Patrol in North Korean waters. The ''Sinpo''-Class is built exclusively in North Korea and may be based (in part) – on the old Soviet ''Kilo''-Class Submarines of the 1950s. The Submarine(s) displaced 2,000-tons with a length of 125-feet (speculated). Beams are thought to range to 25-feet. Twin Diesel Engines provide power. The Class may be able to achieve 15-mph (Surface speed). The ''Sinpo'' may have an operational deployment range of 1,500 miles. Crewing is unknown, but it is thought that The Class may support 50-Officers and Men. Weaponry is speculated to be (2) Nuclear capable Ballistic Missiles (unknown yield) and perhaps as many as (4) 18-inch (diameter) Torpedoes.