North Korean Hwasong-10 IRBM

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By Crusader1307

Another of North Korea's ''Mystery Capable'' Missiles, The Hwasong-10 was first unveiled in 2016. The Rocket, while Nuclear capable - is more of a ''conventional'' Rocket Platform, seen by most as being able to deliver a standard explosive payload to any East Asian Country as well as US Territories in The South Pacific (eg Hawaii and Guam).


Little is known of The Hwasong-10 (or ''Mars'' Class) Missile, save those fragmentary pieces recovered after Test Firings from Japan. The Missile is based on earlier Soviet designs and uses a combination of chemical oxidizers for propulsion. Estimated maximum range is roughly 1,500-miles. Weighing 20-tons, The Hwasong-10 is capble of carrying a 1,500-lb. warhead. Land launched, it is believed that as many as (200) are known to exist.