Norse Hersir

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

The 8th to 10th Century AD Norse (Viking) Title of “Hersir”, was an awarded Position given to the Highest Ranking Military Commander of a Norse Military Force. The Hersir was also a Landowner, which gave him prestige in his Clan or Tribe. He owed direct allegiance to a Ruler, also known as a Jarl. Closely associated to a European Knight, The Lands of The Hersir were agricultural ones, in that he provided a portion of his production to a Jarl, a thus The Kingdom in general. The Hersir was the best equipped of all Vikings, largely because of his ability to procure better made weapons and Armor. Much of these were also “gifted” to The Hersir. They planned and organized Raids and Raiding Parties. As such, they received a larger portion of captured “prizes”. Comparable also to a Lord, they did serve in some Administrative Positions as well. They often interpreted a Rulers Laws and metted out justice and punishments on his behalf. With Norse reorganization their Kingdoms by the 11th Century, the Title was seldom used.