Night Combat

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By Crusader1307

The term ''Night Combat'' is meant to define any military engagement geared toward operation at Night (or in Darkness). Traditionally, such tactics were nearly unheard of and unused prior to the 20th Century AD (with notable exceptions). By theory, Night Combat was seen as a means of exploiting an Enemy through ''pyschological'' (mental) warfare. This caused low morale through sleep deprivation along with draining of supplies. Most Armies in conflict cautioned the use of Night Combat as ineffective on the 15th thru 18th Centuries. However in time, Night Combat Tatctics would prove to be very effective and even responsible for several military victories. Such examples was the advent of Military Aviation. With the usage of Aircraft at Night, military as well as civilian assets suffered greatly. Night time bombing raids common in World War II could be seen as being effective in slowly wearing down German resistence die to consistent Allied Bombing Raids. As technology advanced, Small Unit Formations of Armies became as effective as large scale operations. This was due to the usage of Night Vision equipement. This advance allowed for Units and materials to literally ''see in the dark''. This allowed for maximum disruption of enemy assets as Night.