Nepalese Bira Gun

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By Crusader1307

Developed by 19th Century Nepalese General Gehendra Shamsher, The Bira Gun was borrowed in design from the American Gatling and Gardener Guns. Featuring reciprocating bolts, it was a hand-cranked (activated) weapon. Unlike most “rapid fire weapons” designed during the Era, The Bira was turned counterclock-wise. This greatly improved the firing and chambering process. Featuring a 2-barrel system, ammunition was loaded into a large drum-like compartment (fitted to the top of the weapons barrels). This drum (which held the .455 caliber round), was gravity fed. Also, unusual in the Era of the developing industrial “mass production” scheme – Bira's were handmade. They were produced around 1896, and did attract the attention of The British Army (for field use) – briefly. They would be replaced by the more reliable (and faster produced – Maxim Guns).