Ndew Zealand ''Lemon Squeezer'' Hat

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By Crusader1307

The aptly named ''Lemon Squeezer'' was a type of headgear worn by New Zealand Infantry Forces during World War I. The design was based on the American Model 1915 ''Campaign'' Hat (or ''Doughboy''). Made of stiffened felt and ''blocked'', they did not hold up well during inclimate weather. As a result, soldiers would often self style the crown of the Hat into a tall, angular shape – cordoned into 3 to 4 sections. As a result, the crown began to resemble a hand held Lemon (fruit) squeezer, Hence, it's name. The primary reason given by the ''Kiwi Soldiers'' (a nickname for New Zealand Infantry), was that the shaping helped to draw rain down and away rain water. The ''Lemon Squeezer'' design was first seen during The Gallipoli Campaign (Turkey) of 1916.