Naval Jack

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By Crusader1307

The type of Flag known as a “Naval Jack” is indicative to Naval Services around The World. The origins of the name “Jack: is more closely linked to The Royal British Navy around The 17th Century, and is related to The National Colors known as The “Union Jack”. It has also been associated with England's King James I (with his creation of The Union Jack and being a translated into French as “Jacque”). The Jack is a somewhat smaller Flag that most (in terms of usage). Traditionally, a Jack is a miniature version of a Countries National Flag. It is flown from The Bow of a Vessel on a Flagpole (known as a Jackstaff). Jacks can also be specialized. Some are not reflective of National Colors, but bear some similarities to them. Merchant and Shipping Companies too use Naval Jacks, with these being Company Logo or Brand Names.