''Naule'' Sword

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By Crusader1307

Named for Julius Naule (who first identified the Classification), these were early Bronze Era Swords. Dated to the 13th Century B.C. (in Northern Italy)- The Naule Sword was an obvious “prototype” for many well known future Swords to be developed from. The basic design would flourish for nearly 7 Centuries. Made of Bronze, these single forged Swords had their “handles” incorporated into the end of the blade. Reinforced by a high “Hand Ridge” (no Cross Hilt), they tapered to a slender end. These “ends” were possibly wrapped in hide, leather or woven cloth. They were no longer than 1.5 to 2 feet long in blade length. Double-edged, they were “pointed” (although it was possibly used more as a cutting weapon as opposed to a thrusting one). Of the few examples, they may have weighed as much as 3-pounds. It is unclear if a carrying device such as an early scabbard was developed for use. Naule Swords (due to the expense), were probably only used by Royalty (and their supportive Armies).