National Flag of The Republic of China

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By Crusader1307

The National Flag of The Republic of China, existed with the founding of The Nation in 1912, and lasted until it was replaced by The Communist Chinese Party in 1949. Formed during The People's Revolution, which brought an end to the 2,000 year rule of The Qing Dynasty  (the last of China's Monarchy), this Flag was raised with their victory. Although "assisted" (to some degree) by Nazi Germany Military Advisors and materials from 1935-1936, The Republic was still ill prepared to stop an invasion from Imperial Japan in 1937. Part of it's "Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere" Policy, Japan would inflict much damage on The Republic's Military and infrastructure. After World War II in 1949, Communist Forces rose from The Chinese National Party  (once an integral part of The Republic). The resulting Civil War would place them as the victors, with The Republic ceasing to exist. The Flag was a Red Field with an Upper Left Blue Canton, featuring The National Party symbol of a White Sun. The Flag was called "The Sky Blue, White Sun with The Wholly Red Earth" Flag (Regionally).