Nathaniel North

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Born in Bermuda, (Caribbean), of an English Settler family, North quickly took to a “sea life” to escape hie boring life. Taken aboard an English Privateer (1689), he learned his craft against The French. After his “stint” as a Privateer, legend says that he outsmarted no less than 3 British “Press Gangs” in just one night! He served as Quartermaster of the ship “Pelican” and participated in the taking of “Great Muhammad”. The “Pelican” (and several other small Pirate vessels) – began to fight among themselves over the dividing of the loot. All three ships were damaged.

When finally solved, each ship received about $1,000 USD each (not much). Picked up by The “Dolphin”, North worked as Quartermaster again and took many ships. Unfortunately, 4 British Royal Navy ships cornered “Dolphin” and raked her with shot. Offering pardon to all that surrenders, North escaped in a Longboat In 1707, North took command of The “Charles” - working off of Madagascar (Africa). Successful, he settled briefly with a local Native girl (of The Ambona Tribe). Becoming involved in her father's “war” (he was a Chieftain) – North was killed in a skirmish with Tribal enemies.