Nathaniel Butler

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By Crusader1307

A ''Pirate'' turned ''Gentleman'' Nathaniel Butler was born in England around 1577. Coming from a Family of ''modest'' means, He was pressed into service aboard Privateers under commission of The Earl of Warwick. Butler learned fast, the often brutal life of a Privateer (legal Pirate). Being educated, Butler would leave ''The Pirate Life'' for The Isle of Bermuda. Having a talent for organization, He would remove many of Bermuda's more ''lawless (Piratical) elements''. He organized construction of many structures in Bermuda which still stand today. His work did not go unnoticed, as He became Governor of Bermuda in 1619.


Butler is also credited with introducing The Potato to The Americas. Possible transplanted to The Caribbean by The Spanish, a crate was shipped to a friend in The Virginia Company (a English New World settlement establish in 1607 which would become The Colony of Virginia). Grown there, a sample would be brought to Queen Elizabeth I by Sir Walter Raleigh). Butler is also credited (somewhat) – with developing The ''Bermuda Rig'' (a Mast configuration which would become a popular pattern with smaller Ships).


Leaving Office in 1622, Butler would be employed by The Providence (Rhode Island) Company (another Earl of Warwick concern). Given a small Fleet of Privateers, Butler went back to his ''old habits''.


Somewhat successful against Spanish Shipping along the famed ''Spanish Main'', Butler and His Crews captured several Galleons. However, his Expeditions proved ''erratic'' and other than these two ''Prizes'', Butler failed to take anything more worthy. After 1639, Butler mysteriously disappears from The ''Golden Age of Piracy''. His location and manner of death – unknown.