• Piracy
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By Crusader1307

The Narratines were South Slavic Pirates, which ''prowled'' The Adriatic Sea in the 10th Century AD. Venetian Forces of The Era, linked their ''name'' to that of ''Pagans'' (from The Greek). The Narratines preyed along the Coasts of Southern Greece and into Venetian Territorial waters, concentrating on Commerce Vessels. Their ''culture'' was based on not only ''Sea Raiding'' (with the use of Galley Ships), but may have also subsidized themselves on agriculture as well. Their ''base of operations'' was based in southern Dalmatia (claimed as present day Croatia). So effective in both Sea and later Land operations against and Venice and Greece, that a specific Fleet was commissioned (along with an Army by land) – to eradicate The Narratines. This was accomplished in the 11th Century AD.