• Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

A unique 10th Century Medieval Occupation, The Naperer was solely responsible for the cleaning of a Noble’s Linen and Towels. This was an important function with regards to Castle “Life”. Nobility often and regularly held fine Banquets and Functions. These Events were important for establishing alliances. As such the need for often pristine Linen and Towels for cleaning were required. The cleaning of such articles required the use of various soaps (made from animal fats) and many long hours of hand scrubbing and boiling in great vats of water. No imperfections or stain were permitted. Often, a Castle have a Staff of Naperer’s to accomplish the goal of cleaning.

Once done, Linen and Towels were hung on specially designed hangers called “Napiers”. Unlike the traditional “modern” Hangers for clothing, these were constructed from steel, twisted into a closed circular pattern. A hook extended from the top. The Linen or Towel was passed through The Napier and elevated to try (partially). While still damp, often the Linen was stretched and held in such a position by racks – to remove any wrinkles. A Lord was known for his pristine Table Cloth. Great efforts were taken to smooth any remaining fold lines my use flattened stones, heated – and used to pass over such.