Muslim Mobile Guard

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By Crusader1307

A component of The Rashidun Caliphate's Army of the 7th Century AD – The “Mobile Guard” were Muslim Light Cavalry. One had to be a Muslim (born) and not a Convert or Slave. These were highly disciplined and motivated Mounted Soldiers. The Mobile Guard conquered most of former Roman Egypt and Northern Africa. They were instrumental in the conversion of The Berber Tribes to The Muslim Faith. Armed with Sword and Lance, The Mobile Guard (so named for their speed on Horseback) – were Masters of the Cavalry envelopment tactic by which The Guard would Flank and envelop their Enemy. The Guard also had specialized Branches of Bowsmen who became legendary against The Byzantine Empire.


Armor ranged from Light Components to somewhat Heavier Models. By the 10th Century, many of The Mobile Guard wore Mail. Arm and Leg plating and Helmets were standard. Often, many of The Guard used hardened Leather Armor, which provided for more effective use in their mostly Desert operations. Although Shields were not normally used, they were not shunned. Most early versions were reinforced wicker (wood) and later lightly plated Buckler-Type circular Shields. Famine and disease would eventually reduce their numbers to 10% by the 11th Century – from which they were never reconstituted fully and as “dedicated” as they once were.