Murmillo Gladiator

  • Ancient Rome
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Considered “Heavies” with regards to Gladiators, Murmillo's actually wore very little protective armor. They were known for the distinctive fully enclosed helmet worn. Completely encased, the helmet had a sweeping front visor with a high crown. Often, plumage was attached. The face was protected by a solid plate with vented pieces attached. This provided a somewhat better ability with regard to vision. Finally, an extended cowl was attached (which provided some protection to the neck. A simple (but heavy) loin cloth covered the front. The legs were protected by metal Greaves (which extended up to the knee cap). The Manica (or Arm Armor), was worn on the “fighting arm”. This provided complete protection from the shoulder to the wrist (and sometimes had a segmented glove attached). The Murmillo often used the standard Gladius Sword as his principle weapon. Finally, The Murmillo used the full Legionaries Scutum Shield. Normally paired with other “specialized” fighters, The Murmillo was often used in “middle matches” during an Event.