Munerum Inductio

  • Ancient Rome
  • Less than 1 min

By Crusader1307

The Roman Military practice of Munerum Inductio, was a "Hard Labor" punishment similar to "Extra Duties". It wad invoked against a single Soldier or a whole Company. It was considered a way at "shaming" a transgressor for minor Camp violations. Normally after a Roman Army marched, the first thing done, was to prepare it's Camp. Thus included setting up Barracks Tents and the placement of it's Sudis (or perimeter fence). After all work was accomplished, a Soldier was fed and he looked to his own personal needs. If one was under Indictio, they had additional duties assigned. Often they had to find their own food and little sleep. Similar in some respects to "Militiae Mutatio", it could also be coupled with "Pecunaria Multa".