Muiscan Guecha

  • General History
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By Crusader1307

With their origins being perhaps thousands of years old, The Guecha were a Pre-Columbian (South American) Warrior Class. Native to The Andes, they were members of The Muisca Confederation. The Confederation was a loose grouping of Tribes which joined up as a Kingdom around 1450 AD. The Guecha were first reported and document by Spanish Missionary Priests to the region.


The Guecha were fierce warriors who were made up of suitable males of The Confederation. Class standing was not seen as a requirement as was in most cultures. Both low and high born could be chosen. The requirements looked for at birth was height (6-foot or better), a well defined physique and great strength. All these were seen as the attributes of a warrior in Muisca Society.


The Guecha were treated as royalty. Well fed and given their choice of the most attractive females (to ensure a maintain warrior bloodline), when not indulging in pleasure, The Guecha spent time practicing fighting. Climbing, running and close quarters combat were the order of the day.


Guecha were allowed to wear feathers, which were normally reserved for Royalty and Nobility. Guecha wore gold and precious metal talismen used to protect themselves in battle. The Guecha felt that they were divine and could not be killed in combat. Should a Warrior be killed, this was looked upon as great fortune. The body (seen as a shell), would release the warrior spirit – only to be reborn into another of The Class. The Guecha used slings, spears and clubs as their primary assault weapons in battle. It was common among The Guecha to never retreat in combat.