• Heraldry
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By Crusader1307

The ''Motto'' (from The Italian for ''Word'') – were Familial ''sayings'' or ''proclamations'', closely associated with A Families past or fame. When first adopted by Spain, Mottoes were only placed on Heraldic Shields. In England, Mottoes were NOT added by Amorial bestowment. Plainly, a Family often added their own (and could change it at will if needed). An example of a Motto was most notably some heroism in Battle or War. The actual ''name' of the Conflict was not placed. Mottoes were inscribed onto the Banneroll (Top, Bottom or both). Originally, The Family name was never placed. Such practices were more associated with the 19th Century and then ''created'' for non-Noble or Royalty. The Motto could be of any language, but Latin was seen as the most common in usage.