Morelos Rebellion Flag

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By Crusader1307

Designed and used between 1813 and 1815, Mexico first attempted it's independence from Spanish Rule. Many Militias of Mexican citizens flocked to armed support of this rebellion. One of the most revered Leaders of this initial rebellion was by Catholic Priest Jose Maria Morelos. He and his “Army” at one time had chased Spain from Mexico City (leaving Morelos in control of almost all of Southern Mexico). This flag was said to have been his personal Standard (and used by his Militias). Rectangular in shape, it was a White Field, bordered by a Light Blue “check pattern”. In the center, was an image of a White Eagle encircled by the phrase (in Latin) “OCULIS ET UNGUIBUS AEQUE VICTRIX” or “By Her Eyes and Claws Equally Victorious”. Eventually defeated by a superior Spanish Force, Morelos was excommunicated by The Church. A Civil Government charged him with treason and he was hung in 1815.