Master of The Revels

  • Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

Formed under the Reign of England's King Edward III (13th Century AD) – the Position of ''Master of The Revels'' was answerable to The Lord Chamberlain or Senior Household servant to The reigning Monarch. The Master of Revels was responsible for planning and coordinating any all festivities to be held on behalf of that Monarch (to include performances of Plays). The Master of Revels had access to Royal Funds and Accounts to pay for and acquire what was required.


During the Reign of King Henry VIII – these ''Revels'' were often gaudy and extravagant spectacles to behold. The more such, the more in Royal favor – a Master of Revels was held. By the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I, The Master of Revels was even more in demand, whereas The Queen greatly appreciated Theater and related performances – especially Dancing.


In later years, The Master of Revels also was given the ability to censor and or approve Plays. This was to insure no controversial topics or such would be seen by the reigning Monarch. As one could see, The Master of revels was often at ''odds'' with Playwrights. After The English Civil War of the 17th Century, the Title and Position would end.