Massachusetts National Lancers

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By Crusader1307

Part of The American State of Massachusetts State Militia and State National Guard (Ceremonial), The National Lancers were established in 1836 as a Protective Force for The State Governor, when traveling. They also served as a reactionary Force to protect The State Borders. The Lancers patterned their uniforms greatly on The Polish Ulhan Lancer Cavalry, even adopting their traditional Lancets (Spears).


Elements of The Lancers were pressed into The Union Army of The Potomac at the start of The Civil War of 1861-1865, a Regiment remained as State Guard. They played a large role in quelling The Boston Draft Riot of 1863. Later, in 1916, a Lancer Regiment was deployed with other US Cavalry Volunteers along The Texas-Mexican Border, during Mexican Bandit Pancho Villa's several raids into The US. This same Unit would serve in World War I (France) as a Cavalry Regiment (sans their Lancets).


With the reforms that led to the establishment of State National Guard Units, much of The National Lancers was absorbed into the Massachusetts Army Guard, save (1) Regiment. This Unit was to remain a ceremonial Regiment, for the purposes of promoting Massachusetts History and serving in various State functions. By Law, they are still an active Military Component of The Massachusetts State Militia (State Defense Force). Members of The Lancers yearly reenact The ''Ride'' of Paul Revere and His Associates, which occurred in Boston in 1775, to warn fellow Residents of the impending British invasion.