• Ancient Rome
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By Crusader1307

The Mamertines were a Force of Regional Italian Mercenaries, that existed in the 3rd Century BC. They were a hired Soldiers who worked for Agathocies, The ''Tyrant of Syracuse''. Besieging The City of Messana (later Messina), The Mamertines were ruthless close quarter fighters and skilled Light Cavalrymen. Maintaining a strong power base in The Region. The Mamertines would remain unchallenged until a Carthaginian Fleet was dispatched in 270 BC.


While The Carthaginians were at first, soundly trashed by The Mamertines – this was a type of ruse by The Carthaginian Commanders. Over extending their Lines, The Mamertines were forced into a siege. This forced them to seek military aid from Rome. Rome initially did not wish to get involved, but as their peace with Carthage eroding, the request was seen as a mean to engage The Carthaginians. The Mamertines would informally lead Rome into The First Punic Wars, which lasted for 23 years (264-241 BC).