Mameluke Sword

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By Crusader1307

Developed from The Mameluk Empire of the 12th Century, and in the Shamshir family of weapons, The Mameluke was a popular design of sword in Europe and The United States. Generally in the single-bladed with a curved blade (being 35-inches long), the most notable design change by Europeans was to lessen the curve of the blade. The weapon features a plain ivory or bone handle with a flanged attached pommel (built into the grip). The cross guard/hilt were known to be plain. Scabbards were often unadorned. The Mameluke was extremely popular by most Napoleonic Armies (especially among cavalry - of which a heavier model was fashioned). These trooper blades ranged around 45-inches long. The Mameluke is still an iconic piece of Ceremonial wear for The United States Marine Corps. They have used the sword style since 1807 as the official sword for both Officers and NCOs.