Malik-e-Maidan Cannon

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By Crusader1307

Part of The Hindu Bjapur Fortress in India – The Malik-e-Maidan (or ''Master of The Battlefield'') was a fixed Cannon, cast of solid bronze around 1565 AD. The barrel of which, was 15-feet in length. The Muzzle was cast shaped into the ''head'' of a Lion (and was said to be an ''Eater of Elephants''). The barrel diameter is close to 28-inches and could launch a conical stone shell an estimated 3,000-yards. Weighing close to 55-tons, The Maidan made a distinctive sound when fired – said to take the ''sound from the very ears of any approaching Enemy''. When British Forces eventually capture Bjapur Fortess in the 19th Century, the massive Gun could not be transported back to England as a Trophy (due to it's weight and size). It still remains in place within the overall remains of The Fort.