''Mad Minute''

  • Tactic
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Although exact origins of the Military term ''Mad Minute'' are unknown, many Historians trace it to the late 19th Century, in particular to The British Army. Applied to an Era in Firearms Technology with ''Rapid Fire'' or ''Automatic'' weapons were very little with regards to development and deployment, it was used to test ''how many'' targeted rounds could be placed with accuracy by an Infantryman within a 60-second (1 Minute) time frame. Later, during World War II and beyond, ''Mad Minute'' when automatic weapons were plentiful, the tactic was applied to a Squad or Compamny of Soldiers all firing maximum rounds continually into a percieved enemy target or position for a 60-second period. The goal in this method was also seen as a ''probing tactic'' designed to force an Opponent to engage or reveal full ''strength''. Variations of The ''Mad Minute'' are still used even today by Modern Armies, and are even applied to Artillery and Armored Deployment Tactics.