Mace (Weapon)

  • Medieval Era
  • Less than 1 min

By Crusader1307

Maces are among the oldest form of hand held weapons. Examples of which have been found at Neolithic sites dating back 10,000 years! Mace Heads made of different compositions, were designed to shatter on impact. Around the 12th Century, Maces as we know them, start showing up on battlefields. 2 to 4 feet long, made of metal or wood, the weapon would have the Mace head affixed directly to the top end. Again, balls were either studded or plain (no disrespect to our beloved Maceman of SH2). More appropriately, Maces evolved into flanged tops. Rather, long metal fins that ran the length of the Mace head. These fins could pierce armor.  They could be welded with one or two hands (depending on the force needed).