Luke's Regiment of Dragoons Flag

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By Crusader1307

The Flags used by English Civil War Parliamentarian Mounted Infantry Units (early Dragoons), were somewhat standardized in Design. Bunted or Rounded at The Fly of The Flag, every raised Unit carried it's own Unit ''identifier”. The Colonel Samuel Luke's Regiment of Dragoons was raised for War Service against The Loyalist Armies in 1642, they fought in (7) Battles. They were issued both Doglock Pistol and Musket. They were disbanded in 1645 and formed into Cromwell's ''New Model'' Army. The Colors were described as a Black Field ans ''Double Bunted'' at The Fly of The Flag. Placed closer to The Flag's Hoist was (3) images of Religious Books representing The Protestant (Anglican) nature of The Regiments belief (as opposed to King Charles I and his “Catholic” views. The Books were The ''Six Articles of 1539”, “The 42 Articles of 1553” and finally ''The 39 Articles of 1563''. The Flag was one of the few Parliamentarian Flags to depict any form of Religious symbolism.