Louisiana Secession Flag

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By Crusader1307

The State of Louisiana was the 6th Southern State to declare Secession from The United States in 1861. It supplied not only troops, but was on of several important Ports needed by the newly formed Confederate states of America. The State was also quickly targeted by The US Navy, resulting in The Fall of New Orleans in 1862. Southern Forces from Louisiana would continue to fight throughout The South until the Confederacy ended in 1865.  The State of Louisiana (like many other States, North and South), did NOT have it's own State Flag. Most States preferred to use The National Colors (The ''Stars and Stripes'') – simply to identify themselves. With The State of Louisiana Convention for Secession formed in January of 1861, Leaders chose a ''Secession Flag''. The Louisiana Flag borrowed heavily on it's past History as a Province of France in the late 18th Century. It was a Tricolor of (3) Vertical Stripes (Blue, White and Red) – much as is The French National Colors. Located on the Upper Left Canton area of The Flag (closet to The Hoist), is a circular Star Pattern of (7) Stars (representing those Southern States which had left The United States to form The Confederacy). The Flag pattern was not overly popular with many State Residents. Soon after, The Louisiana Battle Flag was created which was used throughout The States War Service. This Flag featured a series of Stripes on the entirety of The Field (4 Blue, 6 White and 3 Red). The Upper Left Canton was a Red Field with a single Gold (5) Point Star (long a Southern symbol of Independence).