Lorica Squamata

  • Armor
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

This was simply Scale armor. Seen during the early Republic Period (and going forward in some forms), it was made from small metal pieces of flattened thin metal (similar to a fishes scales). These scales would be attached to fabric or leather. Versions made of bronze and related metal are known to have existed. The scales were overlapped with on another. Metal wiring or stringing could be used to attach the Lorica Squamata to it's intended base (or backing) type. Semi-form fitting, The Squamata could easily be seen as a first attempt at Mail. The opening was located in the back of the garmet (so that it was put on front first), and tied shut. Roman Archers were known to have worn this. Very few surviving examples of Squamata have been found.