Livonian Order of The Sword

  • Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

The Livonian Order of The Sword (aka The Brotherhood of The Sword, The Militia of Christ of Livonia, Christ Knights and The Sword Brethren), were founded in 1204 - under the authority of The Bishop of Riga, Latvia. The Order was formed of German "Warrior Monks". Their primary mission was to convert to Christianity, Pagans living in Livonia, Latagal and Selon. The Order was well known for it's lack of discipline (or over zealousness). They also conquered Northern Estonia. The Order garrisoned many forts and Castles within the region. They wore a white mantle-apron with a Red Sword and Red Cross (somewhat similar to The Templar Order, which they were based on). During The Battle of Saule, The Order was decimated. Those few survivors were melded with The Teutonic Order. Many retained some form of their crest and still tried to follow their religious vows.