''Lipstick'' Gun

  • Firearms Thru History
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By Crusader1307

Also known ominously as ''The Kiss of Death'' The Lipstick Gun was a firearm that was developed by Soviet Intelligence Police (KGB), in the late 1950s. In plain view, the weapon resembled a simple Ladies Lipstick make-up device. However in this, was the actual weapon. Upon removing the case top, the lipstick ''paint'' was actually a small recessed barrel which fired a 4.5mm bullet. It was cocked via a rear pulling spring, which sent a small firing pin forward. This shot the round out of the front of the ''faux'' front. Only effective at a distance of 1-foot, The Lipstick Gun was no doubt an effective espionage weapons for a skilled Soviet Female Agent. It is unclear as to how many victims fell prey to the device.