Lincoln-Hamlin Campaign Flag

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By Crusader1307

The National Union Party (also known as The Republican Political Party), was a relatively new force in American Politics in 1860. The Party was Conservative in nature and campaigned on the premise of avoiding any internal conflict with The American South (long threatening Secession). Compromise was attempted, but with Candidate Abraham Lincoln, The South saw a threat to it's primary source of State Labor – Slavery. With Lincoln and his Vice-President Hannibal Hamlin being elected, The South followed through on it's threat to quit The Union – and The Civil War began in earnest.


A popular style of the mid-19th Century was to use The US National Colors (''Stars and Stripes'') as Campaign Banners (later National Laws would forbid any writing or alterations to The National Colors). The Republican Party made several hundred Lincoln Campaign Banners. A variation of The National Flag, printed on the White Stripes (only) Centered – was the wording “For President – Abraham Lincoln'' and was followed by ''For Vice-President Hannibal Hamlin''.


The Upper Left Canton by The Hoist, which was normally reserved for White Stars representing each American State, was removed. In the Blue Field was the image of Lincoln (frontal). Surrounding the portrait was a circular pattern of (28) White Stars with (4) similar Stars in each canton (representing the (4) US Territories).