Lincoln Funerary Flags

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By Crusader1307

US President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865 at Ford's Theater, Washington DC. After a period of time of laying in State at The Capital, His remains were transported back to His Home State of Illinois. A special Train was detailed to convey President Lincoln on a ''tour'' of many Cities and small Town's on His way back. Several specially made Flags were placed on the Engine of The Locomotive to not only identify the former President, but impart mourning. Lincoln was the only US President to be afforded such altering of The US National Flag, to date.


The first Flag, was a ''Great Star'' (or ''Luminary Star'') Flag, a National Flag briefly popular at the start of The American Civil War. Standard in all other forms of design, the Upper Left Canton (Blue) had a Multi-five Star image composed of (originally) 22-stars arranged in this pattern. With the addition of the former Confederate States, this number rose to 35 (to also include the addition of several newly created States during The War). Surrounding the entirety of The Flag's Border was a solid Black Band (to include The Hoist. The 2nd National Flag used was known as The ''Circle'' Flag. This Flag too was a popular National Color used at the start of The War. The Upper Canton of this Flag featured White Stars arranged in a circular pattern, followed by yet another interior circle. The Final star was placed Center (and larger than the others). (4) other Stars were placed in each quadrant of The Canton (to equal 35 States). This Flag too featured the Black Border.


10,000 people were present when The Lincoln Funeral Train left Washington DC. The train would eventually pass some 444 Cities and Towns, totaling (7) American States.