• Ancient Rome
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By Crusader1307

Also known as "Ripenses", The Limitanei were a form of Roman Auxilia, assigned to Frontier and Garrison duties in far flung Roman Provinces and Territories. They were paid much lower than normal Soldiers and were often recruited from local Citizens. Often, they performed their Military duties on a "part-time" basis (working as Farmers and Craftsmen). They are linked as the earliest firm of "Citizen Soldiers" or The Militia System.


Some Limitanei were used as a form of Light Cavalry. Those privileged enough of staff Forts, often had their Families with them. They did not always have a Professional Roman Officers or Non-Commissioned Officer Commanding them. Those that did, found lax (later Period) Officers, not intent on enforcing traditional Roman Military Law.


Most of their Armor and weapons were purchased or made by them. They used mostly Spear and Short Sword. Often, Shields were provided. In some cases, Limitanei were strictly Archers. After the demise of Rome as the dominate World Power, many Limitanei would go on to form well known standing Armies. The Byzantine Empire used a readapted form of The Limitanei as Light Infantry in the 6th Century.