''Liberty'' Ship

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By Crusader1307

Of British Naval concept and inception, The ''Liberty Ship'' would also be adopted by The United States as well. Used beginning in World War I, The Class of Transport Vessel was actually used as a Military Goods and Transport Service (of Troops), across The Atlantic Ocean. Their name ''Liberty'' had two distinct meanings. The first (in US Naval parlance) – was due to their being named after famous signatories of The US Declaration of Independence (''Hancock'', ''Adams'' etc). Later, in World War II, they were associated with bringing to American Servicemen all the ''comforts of Home''. This would be enjoyed during a Sailors or Marines off-duty time, know as ''Liberty''.


Over 3,000 of The Class were built by The US between 1917 and 1944. ''Liberty'' Ships would continue in usage throughout US Naval History, well into the 1970s. Diesel powered, typically – the tonnage of The Class was rated at over 14,000. They were crewed by a compliment of 100 Officers and Men. Seen as Combatant Ships by Enemies, The ''Liberty'' Class was armed with several 4-inch Deck Guns and several batteries of Anti-Aircraft weapons as well. A fair percentage were lost in The South Pacific during World War II. Only (4) have survived as Museum Ships.