Liberty Pole

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By Crusader1307

While ''The Liberty Pole'' is most associated with The American and French Revolutions (respectively), the ''symbolism'' goes back to Ancient Rome. In this form, the Assassins of Emperor Julius Caesar (44 BC), were know as ''Libertores''. After their act, some went thru the streets of Rome, brandishing their weapons (knives used in the attack). One was said to have taken a Spear and placed a ''Greek Hat'' (Pillus) on the tip – raising it up. The connotation was that the former dictatorship was over and freedom prevailed. Another relationship is to The Roman Goddess Libertas – who, holding a Staff, ''frees'' Slaves (via making them Citizens of Rome). By the 18th Century AD – American Patriots raised such wooden Staffs (mini-flag poles), in Town Squares – as a means of announcing meetings regarding American's Independence from Great Britain. Sometimes small patriotic flags were also flown. In this form, they became known as ''Liberty Poles'' or ''Liberty Trees''. When The French followed suit with their own version of Revolution, ''Liberty Poles'' were used the same, except with a Greek Cap (again linking the concept of Greek democracy and freedom), placed on top.