''Lex Gabinia''

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By Crusader1307

''Lex Gabinia'' was an Ancient Roman Legal policy adopted in 68 BC, specially designed to combat the ever present threat of Piracy leveled against Roman Shipping and Coastal (Port) Assets. The special Law gave Roman General Pompey Magnus the ability to raise a Fleet (Naval) as well as a Land Army, dedicated to eradicating Piracy from various sources. The Roman Senate authorized 275 Warships, 125,000 Legionaries and 4,000 Cavalry for this effort. Over 144 Million in funds were raised as well. Pompey's Forces were somewhat successful clearing commerce routes and securing Port Towns and Cities from various Pirate Tribe attacks. Never truly destroyed, by 70 BC, much of The ''Anti-Pirate Fleet'' was moved to pacify rebellions in Crete. Pompey's Fleet was an early first example of Anti-Piracy Deployments in History.