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By Crusader1307

The ''Lancer'' was a specialized Cavalry Unit indicative to most European Armies, starting in the 16th Century AD. They can be traced back to The Heavy Cavalry of The Middle Ages (14th Century AD). These ''Cavalry'' were heavily armored and carried the often cumbersome War Lance. Later in the 17th Century, the advent of The Demi Lancers developed. These were less armored soldiers who favored a Pike-like weapon. The 18th Century onward saw the full development of Lancers. Non-armored, they favored the 12 to 18-foot long Lance. A Spear-like weapon, it could be used to attack like units as well as Infantry. The use of Saber and Pistol was seen as secondary. Almost all European Armies fielded a Lancer component.


With the advent of the 20th Century, Lancers, like their traditional Cavalry counterparts fell prey to improved artillery and rifles. These, coupled with Armored vehicles such as tanks – soon ended the traditional Lancer role on the battlefield (Shock Troops). Most were assimilated into Armored Units. Those Regiments still retaining their Lancer traditions are used as mostly ceremonial ones, using the Lance on horseback for Military Parades.