Lancea Spear

  • Polearms & Spear
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By Crusader1307

Derived from Rome’s encounters with Iberia, The Lancea was a form of light weight throwing Spear, used by many Auxilia Forces. Unlike The Pilum, The Lancea was made of Ash wood and tempered to be very light. This was important as a ranged type of weapon. The slender Spear Shaft with slight metal counterweight at the base, allowed for a Soldier to be able to heft The Lancea to a great distance (similar to a Javelin). The Spear Point to The Lancea was a flattened component which was sharpened on both blade sides. On average, The Head was 3 to 4-inches in width and 5 to 7-inches in length. They were made of an iron/brass composite. The Shaft was roughly 6-feet long. The Lancea was carried in pairs of 4, which allowed a Soldier to be able to field 4 aimed throws. Seen in The Imperial Era,, The Lancea would endure into The Byzantine Empire, with examples lasting up to the 11th Century.