Lady of The Bedchamber

  • Tudor England
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By Crusader1307

The Title of ''Lady of The Bedchamber'' was first created with Catherine of Aragon (Queen of England under Henry VIII), in 1509 AD. Derived from the older ''Ladies of Honor'' (Waiting), these were women of Noble birth, chosen to personally serve a Queen. The position was highly prized with many Families competing for their daughter to be selected. The Lady of The Chamber was actually the 2nd highest such position. It was Her responsibility to direct (under orders), The ''Women of The Chamber'' in such tasks as bathing the Queen, dressing Her and other personal functions. As such, they often ''heard'' many things of privilege and were often approached by Enemies of The Queen or of those in her Court who were seeking information to further their own ''ends''. These women lived in small private rooms near The Queen and took part in the many benefits of Royal Court. They were counted upon for their strict adherence to secrecy and honor. The position is still in existence today with the Reign of Queen Elizabeth II.