Korean Yangban

  • Medieval Asia
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By Crusader1307

The term ''Yangban'' is a form of Medieval Korean Titling, common during The Joseon Dynasty – between the late 15th Century AD and lasting till it's fall in the late 19th Century. The Title was associated with Lesser (or mid-Level) Nobility, or for those whose skills and quite frankly – connections with a Ruler, was granted. Examples being Civil Servants, Commerce Owners and Traders and of course, those who owned or controlled vast tracts of Land. In European terms, The Yangban was a form of Gentry. The Title could also be ''gifted'' (Granted) to a Family who formally had no previous such. This was given by not only The King (Ruler), but by His direct ''blood relatives'', such as a Prince or Princess. Consequently, a new Class of Society was born from this, which is seen as ''Upper Middle Class''.