Korean Neolbjakchang Spear

  • Medieval Asia
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

]A Pole Arm weapon from 14th Century Korean, The Neolbjakchang Spear was unique in the way it was used. NOT intended as a stabbing or trusting weapon, the Head of the Spear looked as most Spear Heads did. However, the “blade” portion was more rounded and build-up. The Head edges were not sharpened (as was seldom the tip). A raised indentation on the upper and lower face of the Head was sharpened instead. The Spear was used as a striking and battering weapon (often capable of inflicting the same types of injuries as a typical Spear “jab”). The Head was typically 8 to 12-inches in length (and 3 to 4-inches wide with regards to the Head).