Korean Nangseon Spear

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By Crusader1307

Korea was a “Spear Culture”. As such they designed many different types of spears and spear-type weapons for use in combat martial arts. One of the more unusual ones was 17th Century Nangseon Spear. This “branched spear” was so named for it's appearance to the thorn vines of a tree. The “leaves and thorns” were sharpened pieces of shaped metal, extending outward in various directions – from the Staff. The tip or spearhead was a typical sharped point (double-edged), roughly 4 inches long. The “thorns” branched out as long as 12 to 15 inches. Their extensions were made of stiff metal and often dipped in a variety of poisons. The entire affair was mounted on a 6 foot staff. A downside to the weapon was that it's user could easily be poisoned or cut by the torn/barbs as well during the somewhat elegant deployment kata.