Korean Jung-Wan'gu

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By Crusader1307

The Jung-Wan'gu was a 16th Century Light Mortar use by The Imperial Korean Army. Considered a ''hand-held'' or maneuvered Field weapon, The Jung-Wan'Gu was made of cast Iron. The were placed in holes dug into the Earth, which helped to not only stabilize The Mortar – but absorb recoil. Weighing around 100 (small) to 300 (large)-pounds, The Mortar diameter (muzzle) was 12 to 16-inches across. The ''barrel'' was bowl shaped and was recessed 2 to 3-feet. Into this was placed shaped stones or iron (later cannon ball). Primed from the Rear with gunpowder, a Linstock or Slow Match was then placed on the Vent Hole, which would ignite the charge.