Korean Gaya Armor

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By Crusader1307

Developed by the Ancient Korean Gaya Confederacy (a loose collection of Allied City-States, founded in 42 AD and lasting until the 5th Century AD), this form of protective Armor was bronze cast. Worn as a semi-form fitting Cuirass Breastplate, there were several forms. The outer most portion of Armor was next fitted with a wooden Splinter Armor "netting", intended as a type of reinforcement. This netting was woven into a lower skirting to cover the thighs (much as a Base Skirt). Gaya Armor was characterized by it's distinctive neck Cowl which encircled the entirety of the head. This component too was a thinner shaped bronze plate that was similarly netted. Designed to protect the neck and head from Sword blows, it's greatest flaw was in it's restricting the mobility of the Wearer, with regards to turning the head.