Kora Sword

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By Crusader1307

A unique blade developed in Nepal, India - The Kora is considered the National Sword of that Country. Examples date back to the 9th Century BC. The Kora is a unusually shaped blade. Roughly 24 inches long, The blade is curved and extends to a flattened axe/chisel-like head. The cutting edge (although single), extends to the chisel end. As is traditional, The Kora blade must have The Buddhist symbol of The Lotus engraved onto the blade. This "seals" The spiritual nature of The Kora with it's user. The handle of the blade was a tubular shape, made of fire hardened wood and fitted with copper. Kora's also featured a extended Pommel Tip, which could be used as a blunt force or piercing weapon as well. Ancient Nepalese Warriors were quite adept in the use of The Kora. They could penetrate various forms of light Armor and Mail.